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Updated 3-Mar-2015

Avid Unity MediaNetwork

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Download Patches for
you Shared storage Products here

Avid Shared Storage Patch Updates Information regarding the latest patch release for Avid Unity MN, ISIS, ISIS 5000, and ISIS 7000. www.avid.com/patches

Shared Storage Best Practices

Understanding Avid Unity, Sharing Method, Shared Bin and Project Limitations, Shared Bin Lock Icon Limitation, Naming Conventions, Shared Bins and Windows Explorer, Avid Interplay Environment. Link to Avid KB

Unity ISIS and MediaNetwork
Compatibility Matrix Files

The Unity and MediaNetwork Compatibility Matrix files are very useful for determining the correct combination of hardware and software required between Avid Unity server and client components. Link to Avid KB

Avid Unity MediaNetwork 10.7.2 Lion and
Ethernet connected clients

Mac OS Lion release is only supported with Fiber connection to Unity MediaNetwork.
Ethernet connection to Unity MediaNetwork is not supported.
See 5.5.1 readme (page 11)

Unity MediaNetwork 5
Maintenance Procedures

What regular maintenance should I perform on my Unity MediaNetwork 5 system
and what should I do if I find problems? Link to Avid KB

Unity MediaNetwork 5.5.1

This is a Macintosh Lion 10.7.2 (32bit/64bit) client release. For use with a 5.1.3 server.
This version can also connect to an ISIS 5000/7000 for Data migration (not editing)
No Ethernet support with Unity MediaNetwork

Readme v5.5.1

Unity MediaNetwork 5.4

This is a Windows 7 and 2008 R2 server client release. For use with a 5.1.3 server.
Also supports real-time editing. Can also connect to ISIS 5000 for data migration.

Readme v5.4

Unity MediaNetwork 5.3.3

This is a Macintosh Snow Leopard client release. For use with a 5.1.3 or 4.2.4 server.
This version can also connect to an ISIS 5000 for Data migration (not editing)

Readme v5.3.3

Unity MediaNetwork 5.3

This version adds support for Windows 7 and is a Client only release.

Readme v5.3

Unity MediaNetwork 5.1.3

If your Unity Server qualified for v5?
Make sure this version is installed on the server!

Readme v5.1.3

Unity MediaNetwork 5.1

This version adds support for Leopard, and Windows Vista.
Atto 41EL no longer supported on Mac Pro systems.

Readme v5.1 –  Performance Guide v5.1Memory Upgrade Information 5.0 > 5.1

Unity MediaNetwork 5.0

Unity Media Engine and Avid MEDIArray XT

Client Guide v5.0 – Administration Guide v5.0
 Performance Guide v5.0.xSetup Guide v5.0

Unity MediaNetwork 4.2.4

Unity File Manager, MEDIArray LP, MEDIArray XT, MEDIArray ZX,
LANserver LP and LANserver EX

Readme v4.2.4Check /3GB settings

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