DS Timewarps

[almost] Everything you ever wanted to know about Timewarps (but were afraid or too lazy to read the manual to find out).  Covers DS’s Constant, Hold, Speed, and Input Speed Timewarps

NAB ’09 – What’s New With Avid Media Composer 3.5

Robert Russo, Avid’s Application Specialist, talks to us about the new features and updates to Avid Media Composer 3.5 including the ability to easily edit Stereoscopic 3D.

Episode Twelve: Animating Text Along a Path

In this episode, Dave Forsyth shows you how to use Avid Marquee to animate text along a pre-drawn path

Entertainment Tonight and Insider turn digital dreams into reality with Avid HD News solutions

You want to do your best work while staying on time and on budget. From ingest to playout, Avid HD News solutions deliver workflow speed, flexibility, and creative power. So you can be first with the most compelling stories and a better bottom line.

Read Audio Timecode – Media Composer Cutting Edge

Gain more flexibility during production with Read Audio Timecode, a feature in Avid Media Composer that allows you to capture audio and video separately and then automatically synchronize the sources together as you begin editing. During production, you use an external timecode generator to sync the internal clock of the sound recorder, while feeding the […]

We’re Avid, artists & industry experts with one goal. Watch our story.

Avid creates the digital audio and video technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. Some of Avid¹s most influential and pioneering solutions include Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, Avid Unity™, Interplay® and Sibelius®. Learn more: http://www.avid.com

Avid DS Frames to Timecode Calculator

  This tutorial explains the use of High Speed Calc preset available at www.hdhead.com. This on-screen calculator for Avid DS can be used to convert frames to timecode at speeds from 1fps to 120fps.

NAB 2009 – Chris Dickens and A.R. Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire

Oscar®-winning Film Editor and Oscar-winning Music Composer behind the film Slumdog Millionaire offer an engaging look at their collaborative efforts and the creative process behind the film’s audio and video workflows.

Avid DS Repeated Frames Detection

  Repeated (duplicate) frames sometimes happen in file based workflows. Detecting a repeated frame visually in slow moving material can be a challenge. Learn how to build a simple tool in Avid DS to aid in detection of repeated frames. You can also download this free preset from www.hdhead.com.

Avid DS Stereoscopic Containers

Avid DS v10 is capable of stereoscopic (3D) editing, effects and playback. This tutorial explains the stereoscopic setup basics. The tutorial comes with a free interaxial separation preset available at www.hdhead.com.

Episode Eleven: Motion Tracking

Avid Certified Senior Instructor shows you how to use the Avid Media Composer Motion Tracking feature

Avid DS Matte Key (Matte Containers)

Matte Containers in Avid DS allow you to combine a fill with a separate matte.  Learn how to use this feature in this short tutorial by Igor Ridanovic from www.hdhead.com.

Custom Slates in DS

A couple of ways to make quickly-accessable custom slate backgrounds in DS

Effects Trees as Transitions

Use Effects Trees in Avid DS as clip transitions

Avid DS Paint Trails (Handwriting)

The “handwriting” feature found inside the graphics tool in Avid DS can be used to create effects ranging from simulated handwriting to animated paint strokes. The tutorial comes with a free downloadable preset available from www.hdhead.com.

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