Media Composer – Simple Zoom/Ease-In with 3DWarp and Keyframes

In this video you will learn how to do a simple zoom-in, or ease-in with Media Composer. We will use 3DWarp and keyframes. I’m using Media Composer 8.6, but the process is the same for other versions of Media Composer. Support BenoniStudio on Patreon Shirts Twitter Instagram

Media Composer 8.6+ How To Use Link/AMA Link – The Source Browser

Media Composer 8.6 introduced a change in the way we use Link to add clips to our bin. If you have been a Media Composer user for awhile you will probably remember AMA LINK. Then AMA LINK was changed to simply LINK in our context menu. Now, we access LINK through the Source Browser. The […]

Media Composer – PAINT EFFECT (How to Re-Color and Tracking)

In this video we look at how to use the Paint Effect to re-color/colorize/color-correct a portion of a video clip, and how to use motion tracking with the Paint Effect in Avid Media Composer. We are using Avid Media Composer 8.5.1 in this video, but the process will be the same for other versions. First, […]

Media Composer – A Closer Look At Import Size Settings

In a couple other Media Composer videos we were talking about not needing to scale up things like Muzzle Flashes when we import into Media Composer. In this video I want to show you this in action so you can see the difference in each of the Image Size Settings when you import. While we […]

Media Composer – Source/Record Monitor ZOOM

In this video we look at how to Zoom In and Out and move an enlarged image in the Source and Record Monitors in Avid Media Composer. Be sure to watch the last video to see how to Zoom when in Effect Mode: (Link here) Zooming in on your footage can be very helpful. It […]

Media Composer – ZOOM When In Effects Mode

In this video I’ll show you how to zoom in on the Effects Preview Monitor and how to move the enlarged image around so you can manipulate your effects and trackers more precisely. When using several effects, sometimes you really need to drill down to a certain area of your image to make sure everything […]

Media Composer – Motion Tracking Tool Tips

In this video I go over some tips you can use when you are using the Tracking Tool in Avid Media Composer. We cover, how to change the color of your trackers. How to add a new tracker after you have already tracked. How to track only the trackers you want. How to zoom in […]

Media Composer – Blur and Mosaic/Pixelate Effect

In this video we look at how to blur or pixelate portions of a video using the BLUR and MOSAIC Effects in Avid Media Composer. We will go over the controls of each effect (which are the same), how to apply them to a clip, and how to use the tools to get your blur […]

Media Composer – Basic Motion Tracking 101

In this video we look at the basics of Motion Tracking in Avid Media Composer. For this video we are using Media Composer 8.5.1 on Windows 10, and we use 3DWarp with the Tracking Tool for our tracking. We will track a moving smartphone screen and overlay our “COP DRAMA” video to create a short […]

Media Composer – More About Green Screen, SpectraMatte, Alpha Channels, Muzzle Flashes, Explosions

In this video we look at more options with SpectraMatte and Green Screen footage. Such as, crop, rotation, and a few other tips. Then cover more about Alpha Channel footage like explosions and muzzle flashes. Be sure to watch the first two videos about Green Screen and Alpha Channel/Muzzle Flashes (link below), to learn the […]

Media Composer – More About Subclips

In this video we talk more about subclips. Specifically, how you can edit with them, trim them, add effects, rename, ect… Be sure to watch the first SUBCLIP video and the other videos in this 6 part series.

Media Composer – Alpha Channel Clips, Muzzle Flash Effects, and Sound (Create a Gun Fight Scene)

In this video we look at how to add a muzzle flash in Avid Media Composer using Alpha Channel clips to create a realistic gun shot effect. We also cover some other basics of Alpha Channel clips, and where to get free muzzle flashes and sounds. Then we have a few funny examples (COP DRAMA […]

Media Composer – Key Out A Green Screen

In this video we look at the basics of working with Green Screen footage in Media Composer and how to “key it out” using SpectraMatte. We are using Media Composer 8.5.1 in this video, but the process is the same for other versions. We are using SpectraMatte for the key, but the process is similar […]

Media Composer – Subclips

A Subclip is a shorter portion of a longer clip. In this video we look at how to create subclips, and how they can help speed-up your editing. Subclips will allow you to choose the best portions of your clips, and save them in a bin. Then, when it’s time to create your sequence, you […]

Media Composer Quick Tip – Interface Brightness

In this video we look at how to change the brightness of our interface in Avid Media Composer. When you first open Media Composer you will be greeted with a light gray interface. This is easily changed by going to SETTINGS, Interface, and adjusting our slider. These settings will be remembered with your Media Composer […]

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