Media Composer | Copy & Paste clips on the timeline

In this video I’ll show you the basic way to copy and paste clips in Avid Media Composer. Copy/Paste works the same in Media Composer as it does in almost every other app. You just need to remember a few things, like selecting the proper tracks, ect… Copy/Paste is a quick and easy way to […]

Media Composer | Copy/Paste timeline clips w/Subsequences

In this video I’ll show you how we can use subsequences to essentially “copy and paste” clips on the timeline in Avid Media Composer. I’m using Media Composer 8.6.3 in this video. You will see me editing a real video project. By using a subsequence you can copy clips from one area and re-use them […]

Media Composer | Copy/Backup a Sequence with a SubSequence

In this video I’ll show how you can create a subsequence to use as a copy or backup to try different things in without messing up or changing anything in the original sequence. This is a quick technique to use when you want to try something new with a sequence, but don’t want to affect […]

Media Composer | Create/Edit a SubSequence

In this video I will introduce you to subsequences in Avid Media Composer. You will learn how to create and edit a subsequence, and I’ll give you some ideas on how to employ this workflow. I am using Media Composer 8.6.3 in this video. You will see me working on a real project. You can […]

Media Composer | Edit PART of a sequence into another sequence

In this video we will continue working with sequences in Avid Media Composer and I’ll show you how we can edit part of a sequence into another sequence. I am using Media Composer 8.6.3, you will see me editing a real video. There is no need to re-do work in Media Composer. If you have […]

Media Composer | Edit a sequence into another sequence

In this video I’ll show you how we can edit a sequence into another sequence in Avid Media Composer. This is a great workflow to employ in order to reuse a basic layout or reuse several clips. There is no need to re-do work that you have already done. You will not impact the original […]

Media Composer | Copy & Drag

This video covers how to use copy and drag and gives some ideas on how you may want to use it. In Media Composer, select your clip(s), then press ALT (Option on Mac), and drag a copy of your clip(s) to anywhere you want on your timeline. This technique works to copy/duplicate video, audio, effects, […]

MEDIA COMPOSER | REPLACE EDIT (Quickly replace clips)

This video will show you how to use Replace Edit in Avid Media Composer. It’s an often overlooked feature that is powerful and time-saving. Also, see how to map REPLACE EDIT to your Keyboard and toolbar. By using Replace Edit, you can replace a clip and it will automatically be the exact length of the […]

Media Composer – Simple Zoom/Ease-In with 3DWarp and Keyframes

In this video you will learn how to do a simple zoom-in, or ease-in with Media Composer. We will use 3DWarp and keyframes. I’m using Media Composer 8.6, but the process is the same for other versions of Media Composer. Support BenoniStudio on Patreon Shirts Twitter Instagram

Media Composer 8.6+ How To Use Link/AMA Link – The Source Browser

Media Composer 8.6 introduced a change in the way we use Link to add clips to our bin. If you have been a Media Composer user for awhile you will probably remember AMA LINK. Then AMA LINK was changed to simply LINK in our context menu. Now, we access LINK through the Source Browser. The […]

Media Composer – PAINT EFFECT (How to Re-Color and Tracking)

In this video we look at how to use the Paint Effect to re-color/colorize/color-correct a portion of a video clip, and how to use motion tracking with the Paint Effect in Avid Media Composer. We are using Avid Media Composer 8.5.1 in this video, but the process will be the same for other versions. First, […]

Media Composer – A Closer Look At Import Size Settings

In a couple other Media Composer videos we were talking about not needing to scale up things like Muzzle Flashes when we import into Media Composer. In this video I want to show you this in action so you can see the difference in each of the Image Size Settings when you import. While we […]

Media Composer – Source/Record Monitor ZOOM

In this video we look at how to Zoom In and Out and move an enlarged image in the Source and Record Monitors in Avid Media Composer. Be sure to watch the last video to see how to Zoom when in Effect Mode: (Link here) Zooming in on your footage can be very helpful. It […]

Media Composer – ZOOM When In Effects Mode

In this video I’ll show you how to zoom in on the Effects Preview Monitor and how to move the enlarged image around so you can manipulate your effects and trackers more precisely. When using several effects, sometimes you really need to drill down to a certain area of your image to make sure everything […]

Media Composer – Motion Tracking Tool Tips

In this video I go over some tips you can use when you are using the Tracking Tool in Avid Media Composer. We cover, how to change the color of your trackers. How to add a new tracker after you have already tracked. How to track only the trackers you want. How to zoom in […]

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