Sapphire In-Depth for Avid | Motion Graphics with Builder

A short tutorial focusing on how to use the Sapphire Effect Builder to created advanced motion graphics, right from within the Avid Media Composer timeline. Damien LeVeck (, an accomplished editor based in Los Angeles, CA will walk you through how he uses the Sapphire Builder in his everyday work to create complex motion graphics, […]

Sapphire In-Depth for Avid | Introduction to the Effect Builder

Developed with Media Composer editors in mind, Sapphire Builder helps editors create custom effects and transitions quickly and easily, and is fully integrated into the Media Composer workflow. The result? The potential to build endless, professional looks for increased production value. Damien LeVeck (, an accomplished editor based in Los Angeles, CA will walk you […]

Sapphire In-Depth for Avid | Luna and NightSky

A short tutorial focusing on the new Luna effect in Sapphire 10, and how it can be paired with the Sapphire NightSky effect to create a stunning, photorealistic sky replacement, right from within the Avid Media Composer timeline. Damien LeVeck (, an accomplished editor based in Los Angeles, CA will walk you through how to […]

Sapphire and Mocha Pro in Media Composer

This tutorial demonstrates how the mocha 5 plugin for media composer can be used to roto-scope and track an object and the output used to drive Sapphire’s Effect Builder mask channel, all from the Media Composer timeline!

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Sapphire Builder Tool Part 2

In this lesson, part 2 of our look at GenArts Sapphire’s Builder tool, Kevin P McAuliffe goes in depth to show you how he created the “Inner Limits” show opening element he teased in the first part of this tutorial series. As complicated as it might seem, you can quickly and easily create looks like […]

Tracking Options for Avid Users: BCC 10 & mocha Pro plug-in

Colorist & finishing artist Dan Harvey shows Boris Continuum Complete + Avid Media Composer users the main differences between three different types of motion tracking available through Boris FX and Imagineer Systems. Part I. Covers the point motion tracker built into BCC for simple motion tracking tasks. Part II. Covers the integrated mocha/BCC Pixel Chooser […]

Quick Tip: Wide Angle Lens Correction with BCC 10 plug-ins inside Avid Media Composer

BCC Lens Correction is a plug-in designed to the remove lens distortion introduced by wide angle lens, fish eye lenses, and GoPro cameras. Freelance Editor Nathan Ryan shows Continuum Complete 10 and Avid Media Composer users how to easily fix and fine tune distortion, warp, and perspective issues using the new Lens Correction filter. Footage […]

Quick Tips: Fixing Flicker with BCC inside Media Composer

In this short tutorial, editor Nathan Ryan shows Avid Media Composer users a few different methods, tips, and tricks for quickly fixing flickering footage with Continuum Complete. For more information on Continuum Complete, please visit:…

Advanced Credit Rolls & Crawls

Kevin P. McAuliffe is back to show Media Composer users how to easily create multi-page credit rolls in a matter of minutes using the new BCC Title Studio. Plus, working in HD and adding supers and title crawls – all without leaving your timeline. Learn more about Continuum Complete 10 for Avid:

Easy Credit Scrolls with BCC Title Studio

Kevin P. McAuliffe shows Avid Media Composer users how to quickly create animated credit scrolls using the new BCC Title Studio. Simply type in text, import a text file or add logos to your scroll in minutes.

BCC for Avid Color Grading Tips

UK-based colorist and trainer Dan Harvey shares tips for color correction & grading inside Avid Media Composer. Get quick looks with filters like Fast Film Glow and Fast Film Process or use the integrated mocha/PixelChooser masking tools to complement the native Media Composer color correction tools. Learn more about Continuum Complete 10 –…

Media Composer 8.4 New Feature – AAX Plugin Presets

In Avid Media Composer 8.4 we now have the ability to recall AAX Plugin presets in the same fashion as Pro Tools. Have you ever created the perfect preset in Pro Tools and wanted to use that easily within Media Composer? Well now you can! Easily recall the factory presets and presets that you have […]

Introduction to Digital Anarchy Flicker Free plugin for Avid Media Composer

Ever encounter flickering in your video from LEDs, fluorescent lights or from other sources that you didn’t notice in the field and ruin what would otherwise be a great shoot? Check out our tutorial for Flicker Free, our simple to use deflickering software plugin available for Media Composer that deals with all the flicker problems […]

Building a custom transition in Avid Media Composer using Sapphire Builder

Avid certified instructor Nick Huraz takes you through the steps of building a custom transition with Sapphire Builder. The transition combines DissolveRays with LightLeak and Vignette for a warm, glowing look.

Loudness Metering in Media Composer | iZotope Insight

Learn how to integrate iZotope Insight in Avid’s Media Composer 7 to ensure loudness compliance through every step of the post production process.  

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