Avid DS v11.1.1

Updated 12-Apr-2015

Avid DS 11.1.1

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Avid DS v11 information

DS 11.1 DocsDS 11 System requirementsDS 11 Qualified storage

DS 11 Supported formatsDS DriversDS QuickTime settings and version

Check this awesome video tutorial by Igor Ridanovic on howto optimize the DS Launcher

Avid DS patches information

Looking for DS patches? Get them here

There is also an DS v11.1 Help update for the online help documentation.

Download the latest full installers and patches at http://esd.avid.com (login required)

Avid DS v11 Digital Fusion Promotion

Frequently asked questions and information regarding the Avid DS Final Sale Dates
and transitional promotion with eyeon Fusion.

More info here

Avid DS v10.5.2 information

DS 10.5 DocsDS 10.5 system requirementsDS 10.5 Qualified storage

 DS 10.x Supported FormatsDS QuickTime settings and version10.5.2 Patch info

Avid High-Resolution and
Color Workflow Guide

Documents with information about Digital Filmmaking, Film Workflows, Managing Shared storage for Avid Editors, Setting up Storage for High-Res Projects, Editing Film Based Projects, Color Management, Lookup Tables and MetaFuze. Link to KB

DS Cheat sheet

What are the first things I should check when troubleshooting problems with Avid DS?

More on the DS Cheat Sheet: Link to KB

Avid DS Avid Community pages

Talk to fellow DS users on the Avid DS Community Forum

This thread has lot’s of links to video tutorials. There is also a MetaFuze forum.

What Plugins can I get for the DS?

There is a nice list of plugins here

Click here to view all videos tagged with “DS tutorial”