Avid DS | Video Editing

Avid DS – Build a Glow Preset

Most third party plugin packages contain some variant of glow filter. Once you understand how this effect works it is easy to build one from scratch and customize it in Avid DS. This tutorial uses expressions and property builder available in DS v10. Glow Avid DS preset is also available for free download.

Avid DS | Video Editing

Avid DS Rack Focus

This tutorial teaches you how to use Avid DS custom Rack Focus preset available for free download. The preset simulates camera rack focus and is useful for compositing and design work in Avid DS. The Rack Focus tutorial also explains how this effect works in Avid DS using intermediate level expressions.

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Avid Unity: Working in the Real World

https://vimeo.com/2358678 Meet the editorial teams at PostWorks and Evolutions and hear how they tackle the challenge of real-time collaboration by using media asset management and shared storage from Avid. Avid Unity media networks are the foundation for over 4,000 post production companies around the world. Simply put, Avid Unity systems save you time, money, and…