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5.5.5 – 9.5.5


Media Composer 5.5

NewsCutter 9.5

Symphony 5.5

What’s new in 5.5 / 9.5




Readme for the new 5.5.3 / 9.5.3




Marianna’s Gettiung started

Here is a great Getting Started with Customer Support link by Marianna.

AMA – Blazing fast media workflow

AMA plugins must be installed manually:
Download linksVersion matrix

Nitris DX

MC Nitris DX brochure

NC Nitris DX brochure

Sym Nitris DX brochure

Mojo DX

MC Mojo DX brochure

NC Mojo DX brochure

AJA IO Express
Matrox MXO2 Mini

v5.5 and 9.5 supports additional new video hardware – Link

AJA IO Express websiteMatrox MXO2 mini website

AJA IO Express FAQ on KB – Matrox MXO2 Mini FAQ on KB

Hardware I/O Comparison – What are the the differences between
Nitris DX, Mojo DX, AJA I/O Express, Matrox MXO2

Qualified PC & Mac hardware!

Apple Macintosh Specifications and Windows Specifications for v5.5.3 and v9.5.3

OS support = Mac Lion 10.6.8, 10.7 (32bit) or Windows 7, Vista, and XP (32/64bit)

More information regarding Mountain Lion 10.8 here

Installation guides for Mac and PC!

For stability, Install your Mac and PC correctly!

Configuration Guidelines and Slot Configurations – Link to documents
Mac Pro Intel, HP z800, z400, xw8600, Dell T5500, T3500..

Recommended CPU’s for different
codecs and formats

This list will answer how powerful CPU you need
depending on what codec you are working with – Link to list

Where can I download versions for my Avid Video Product?

Download link for updates: http://esd.avid.com
Trouble accessing download center? More information here
Need to create a new account?
Follow this link

Where do I register my system or upgrades?

If you haven’t already registered from within your Avid Software,
use this link: http://www.avid.com/register

Note! Registration is very important. You might miss out on free upgrades!

IMPORTANT! – Download Patches for your Avid Product

An Avid Editor Patch is a small update for Avid products intended to
address specific problems without doing a full upgrade.

For increased stability always install the latest patches: More info here

What level of support can I get for my Avid product?

Support contract for your Avid product can be purchased. Depending of what level you purchased, it can include phone support, software updates, hardware replacement.

The different levels: Expert/Expert Plus/Elite/Vantage2012 brochure

General Support Link contact information Link (select region from pulldown)

To contact Avid Video – (Select video, then select region)

Software licensing guide for v5.5 and 9.5

See this comprehensive Knowledge Base article regarding software licensing model for Media Composer v3.5-5.5,  NewsCutter v7.5-9.5, Symphony v3.5-5.5.

Upgrading with Active Support Contract and Software licensing

How do I upgrade the software license using Versioner.avd or FlexVersioner.avd?
Link to KB

3rd party support matrix

What plug-in/3rd party versions are compatible with my Avid version?

Check out this 3rd party version matrix

Avid 3D, Avid DVD, Avid FX, Reel DVD, Boris Continuum, Sapphire AVX, SmartSound Sonic Fire, Sonic DVDit & Sorenson Squeeze.


A great one-click tool to optimize your windows system for Avid Editing.


Academic Related links

Avid for Education The main page regarding all Avid products.

Media Composer Academic FAQ

Security Guidelines and Best Practices

What antivirus software is qualified? How should it be configured?

Link to KB or http://www.avid.com/securityupdate

Supported Devices for Avid Editing Applications

Qualification list of I/O devices

(HDV/DV cameras, decks and transcoders)

Avid Quicktime LE codecs

Install on other systems that needs to use the Avid QuickTime codecs.

All Avid Codecs on KBDNxHD Codec Information

(LE codecs are not needed on the Avid Editor systems!)

Avid Storage Calculator

Useful link for calculating storage consumption depending on codec.

Avid Storage Calculator

Editing Guides (The main manual)

MC 5.5 Editing Guide

NC 9.5 Editing Guide

Sym 5.5 Editing Guide

Effects and Color Correction Guides

MC 5.5 and NC 9.5 FX and Color Correction

Supported Project Formats

Link to KB with all supported video/project formats in 5.5 and 9.5

High-Resolution workflow guide

Using the original high-res media, you can then finish as file-based for the
mastering and delivery requirements to film (2K+), HD or SD formats. Link to KB

Avid Community pages

Talk to fellow Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony users on the
Avid Community Forums:

Media Composer MacMedia Composer PCBroadcast NewsRoomSymphony

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