Updated 29-Jun-2017

Avid MediaCentral | UX

Avid Main page for Interplay

Link to MediaCentral | UX main page

MediaCentral | UX

Web-based real-time synchronized story creation

MediaCentral | UX Datasheet (PDF)

MediaCentral | UX Patch updates & procedures

Information regarding updates or patches for MediaCentral

DocumentationMediaCentral | UX

Link to all docs  for MediaCentral | UX (including translated)

HelpIconMediaCentral | UX

Platform Troubleshooting for MediaCentral | UX

Phone Green

MediaCentral | UX
Android and iPhone Apps

iPhone App for MediaCentral | UX – iOS  iTunes Link
Android App for MediaCentral | UX – Google Play link

ChecklistMediaCentral | UX
Optimizations & Compatibility

Low video and/or audio performance optimizaiton.
MediaCentral | UX – Support Matrix

LicensingMediaCentral | UX SSL

SSL Certificates for server-to-browser connections and
how to remove the security warning from the web browser

ComparisonAvid Networking
Port Usage Guide

Complete Port Usage Guide to configure firewalls/network.

InstallGuidesMediaCentral | UX
Shutdown Procedure

 Shutdown procedure for MediaCentral | UX Cluster

Send to Playback

Troubleshooting MediaCentral | UX Send to Playback


Customizable Logger

Toubleshoot MediaCentral | UX Customizable Logger


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