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Updated 1-Aug-2017

v8.0 – v8.2.13


Media Composer | Software
Win – Mac
(NewsCutter and Symphony are now options for Media Composer | Software)

All documentation for
Media Composer | Software

Readme docs: 8.2.13 pdf8.2.12 pdf – 8.2.11 pdf – 8.1 pdf8.0 pdf

What’s New docs: 8.2 pdf8.1 pdf8.0 pdf

What’s new guides: 8.2 news – 8.1 news – 8.0 news

 Link to all Media Composer 8.x docs

Always install the latest patches!

Read this PDF about Editor & Interplay version compatibility

More info about all available patches

Please use latest 8.2.x for best interplay compatibility & performance

Mixed Important
Media Composer | Software Links

Media Composer | Software FAQ Link

Mariannas Get started fast and FAQ on the Avid Forum

Bin compatibility MC 7 -> Older versions see more here

Media Composer | Software

To check your licenses Log in to your account to get it

If you got a code or activation card here is how you renew your license

If you don’t see your System ID’s in your account then add it to your account

When I updated my Media Composer the license stopped working,
I have an active support How do I fix this? – Born on date info? Check here

Media Composer | Software now uses Application Manager for licensing

There is also this licensing FAQ here

Activate with an Activation Card:


Link to everything DNxIO
(Supported with Media Composer 8.4.1 and higher)
DNxIO Product pageReadme DNxIO 10.5.4

Get drivers at (Avid Artist | DNxIO)

Slot configuration guidelines for DNxIO What slot should I use?

Nitris DX & Mojo DX

Nitris DX brochureMojo DX brochure
Capabilities Link

AMA Linking
Plugin support for
various cameras

Some AMA plugins must be installed manually

There are some great PDF workflow guides available here and here


Avid Open I/O Info & FAQ

Open I/O FAQ & limitations link

Drivers and info
[AJA] – [Blackmagic Design] – [Bluefish 444] – [MOTU]

Qualified Hardware
Slot Configuration

Link with list of Qualified Mac and Win computers

The following systems are no longer supported

For stability, Install Mac/Windows properly!
BIOS, System Configuration Guidelines and Slot Configurations Link

Is my OS compatible and do I have the correct drivers?

Mac Mtn Lion 10.8.5, Mavericks 10.9.5, Yosemite 10.10.5
Win 7 Pro (64 bit) SP1, Win 8.1 Pro, Win 8.1 Ent.

More info here!

Recommended CPU’s and RAM for different
codecs, formats and workflow.

This list will answer how powerful CPU and how much RAM you need depending on how you are working and what codec you are working with – Link to list

Where can I download versions for my Avid Video Product?

Download link for updates:
Trouble accessing download center? More information here
Need to create a new account?
Follow this link

If I get stuck, where is the
Knowledge Base?
Try the new Google powered knowledge base!

What level of support can I get for my Avid product?

The different levels: Expert/Expert Plus/Elitebrochure

Need to contact Avid Support?
Contact Avid Video (for technical support)
Check this guide on how to make a very good case.

I need to contact someone regarding my online order:
Link to web-store support, physical/digital return

 Use this form if you have problems with your portal account, licensing issues, registration issues, or if you just need to contact Avid support without logging in

3rd party support matrix

What plug-in/3rd party versions are compatible with my Avid version?

Check out this 3rd party version matrix

Avid 3D, Avid DVD, Avid FX, Reel DVD, Boris Continuum & BCC Lite, Sapphire AVX,

Security Guidelines and Best Practices

What antivirus software is qualified? How should it be configured?

Link to KB or

Supported Devices for Avid Editing Applications

Qualification list of I/O devices

(HDV/DV cameras, decks and transcoders)

Avid Quicktime LE codecs

Do you need to play a QuickTime file that requires Avid Codecs,
but you don’t have Media Composer installed on the system?

Then Install the Avid QuickTime Codecs:
Latest v2.7.1 with DNxHRAll Avid Codecs on KBDNxHD Codec Information

It’s not recommended to install LE codecs on the Avid Editor systems

(Mac Only) Apples Codecs: ProRes, AVC-I, DVCPro. HDV, XDCam Download link

High-Resolution workflow guide

Using the original high-res media, you can then finish as file-based for the
mastering and delivery requirements to film (2K+), HD or SD formats. Link to pdf

Academic Related links

Avid for Education The main page regarding all Avid products.

Who can purchase and EDU License? Link

Media Composer Academic Q&AAcademic Eligibility FAQ

Get your Avid Software activation code from

Avid Community pages

Talk to fellow Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony users on the
Avid Community Forums:

Media Composer MacMedia Composer WinBroadcast NewsRoomSymphony

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