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Updated 25-Mar-2024


Media Composer  –  Media Composer | Ultimate  –  Media Composer | Enterprise

What is Media Composer | Enterprise? – See FAQ here

Media Composer | First – Free version (Note! Projects not compatible with full version)

Media Composer | First
Media Composer
Media Composer | Ultimate
Media Composer | Enterprise

Here is a comparison with the differences between the different packages, and the FAQ.

Media Composer | First is the free version of Media Composer
Start with checking the Compatibility Matrix and Download it from here

Avid MediaCentral Production
(aka interplay)

If you are installing the interplay components on an editor, please use this guide for what interplay components that you install on the Media Composer Client, see page 2:
R = What you install on the Media Composer Client
S = What Interplay server version this Media Composer client can work with

Another great collection of compatibility guides here for Cloud Remote, Distributed processing, Pro Tools, Media Central Platform (Production management, Cloud UX, Ingest, Capture, Airspeed, Nexis), Interplay production and more.

Is my OS compatible?
Do I have the correct drivers?

MC 2024.2 Support macOS 14.3.x Sonoma, 13.6.x Ventura, 12.7.x Monterey –  Windows Win11 22H2 (and later), Win10 22H2 (and later)

More details here in the Avid Version Matrix

This link is really good for checking OS Compatibility

Media Composer | First Compatibility Matrix

masOS Catalina (and higher) does not support Mojo DX, Nitris DX, Title Tool, Marquee Titler – see FAQ

Qualified Hardware
Mac/Windows &
Slot Configuration

Link to: Media Composer System Requirements

Avid Qualified (=tested) systems:  Qualified Mac And Windows Systems

macOS and Apple Silicon Compatibility with Avid Products

For improved stability, Install Mac/Windows following the guides here:
System Configuration Guidelines and Slot Configurations Link

CPU & RAM requirements for different codecs, formats and workflows

Here’s a link to a guide with information about system requirements depending of what kind of workflows, codecs, and resolutions you are going to work with.

M1/M2 Media Composer 16GB RAM Memory Considerations

My personal recommendation:
16GB or more for smaller, simple timelines
32GB-64GB or more for larger timelines
32GB for smaller timelines (*)
64GB or more for larger timelines (*)
(*) If Media Composer is a Media Central Production Management/Interplay Client.

Be very careful with setting a high Video Memory Cache, it is the same as pulling out RAM from the computer when you launch Media Composer!

AMA Link Plugins extends support
for various cameras and formats.

Make sure to install updates to your AMA plugins, get the latest ones from here:

Great PDF workflow guides available here

Where can I download updates for my Avid Video Product?

You can for download Media Composer 2024.x from here

From your account page: https://my.avid.com/products
Download Center direct link for updates: https://my.avid.com/esd
Or use Avid Link – Download link at the end of the page –  Here’s the install guide

For more info about your Master Account: Click Here

Avid Link

All licensing and activation is now handled by Avid Link
Download Avid Link from hereor hereApp storegoogle play
More details in the install guides and here in the FAQ.

If you have an Activation Card or Activation Key go here to register/login and activate

Keep Avid Link up to date, no matter what Media Composer version you are running

Effect plugins for Media Composer

Here is a handy Avid Plug-In Finder page.

Avid Artist I/O Info & FAQ

Avid Artist I/OFeature ComparisonOpen I/O

Get drivers here https://my.avid.com/esd for Avid Artist | DNxIO, DNxIQ, DNxID, DNxIV, DNxIP

Slot configuration guidelines for knowing What slot/port should I use?

Avid | Artist DNxIV, DNxIP


Get drivers here https://my.avid.com/esd section: Avid Artist | DNxIV / DNxIP

Slot configuration guidelines for DNxIP / DNxIV What slot/port should I use?

Avid | Artist DNxIQ

DNxIQ Support Page  – Product PageDocumentationFeature Comparison

Get drivers here https://my.avid.com/esd section: Avid Artist | DNxIQ

Slot configuration guidelines for DNxIQ What slot/port should I use?

Avid | Artist DNxIO

DNxIO Support PageProduct PageDocumentationFeature Comparison

Get drivers here https://my.avid.com/esd section: Avid Artist | DNxIO

Slot configuration guidelines for DNxIO What slot/port should I use?

If I’m stuck, where is the
Avid Knowledge Base?

Use the field to search the Knowledge Base – Search for keywords that are unique to an error message, or format, or version. I normally search sorted on date.
Here is a direct link to the KB Search for Media Composer Sorted on date.

What level of support can I get for my Avid product?

Info about the different support levels: Standard / Expert Plus / Elite

Need to call Avid Support? ..and you got Expert Plus, or Elite Support
Contact Avid Broadcast and Video Support

Here’s a guide on how to create a support case.

If it’s not a technical issue, but Web-Store support, or Physical Returns, or Digital Returns.
Then you can use This Link

Use this form if you have problems with your Portal Account or problems accessing support pages.
..and you just need to contact Avid support without the need to login.

Security Guidelines and Best Practices

What antivirus software is qualified? How should it be configured?

Check out: Avid Security Guidelines and Best Practices for Dealing with Virus Threat!

Media Composer and Quicktime
Media Composer 2020.x and newer versions uses UME (Universal Media Engine) that no longer requires QuickTime to be installed.
Here is a list of file-types supported without QuickTime Installed
High-Resolution workflow guides
Avid Community pages

You can find a lot of help and friends through the Avid Community forums:
Avid Media Composer Users is quite popular.
You also have the Avid forums: Professional Video Editing ForumsBroadcast NewsRoomAvid Options