Get Started Fast with Media Composer | First — Episode 5: Audio Tracks and Techniques

In this episode you’ll learn how to use audio to expand your video. Download Media Composer | First for free at

Creating Custom Music Stings in Avid Media Composer

Have you ever found a music track you absolutely loved only to find that the ending was woefully unfulfilling? Check out this tutorial for how to quickly create a custom music sting to really accentuate a particular shot in your edit. In just a few simple steps, I will show you how to pump up […]

Apply Gain to Multiple Clips in a Bin

Have you ever needed to turn down all of your clips in a bin quickly? With this tip we show you how to do so in a flash! Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3…

Using Time Compression Audio Plug-in in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial will show you how to use the Time Compression/Expansion Audio Plug-in to speed up an audio clip in Avid Media Composer 8. This is a great tool to use on voice over clips when they don’t quite fit where they need to be placed and your edit is already locked, preventing you from […]

Effect Audio to Sound Like a Walkie-Talkie or Radio in Avid Media Composer

In this tutorial, we will show you how clean audio can be altered to sound like it is coming from a walkie-talkie or radio. Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3 with the Symphony Option WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:…

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Recording Voice Overs

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about a great, under-utilized feature in Media Composer, and that is the Background Services feature, and more specifically, background Consolidating and Transcoding. Many people see the little option at the bottom of the Consolidate/Transcode window to do these functions in the background, but don’ put much thought into […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Audio Ducking In-Depth

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe answers a great viewer question about Audio Ducking, and whether it’s possible to drop super long VO’s into your timelines, with no editing done to them, and still work with Audio Ducking, or is it based on the in and out points of edited VO’s in your timelines. Kevin […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Multi-channel Audio Exports

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about Multi-channel audio exports from Media Composer, and how DNxHD doesn’t always need to be your export codec of choice!

How to Make Audio Keyframes in Avid Media Composer

Manhattan Edit Workshop Director of Education Janet Dalton shows how to create audio keyframes in Avid Media Composer. Manhattan Edit Workshop is a New York Film Editing School offering a full range of basic to advanced manufacturer certified training courses, from the Avid, Autodesk, Assimilate and Apple products to the complete suite of Adobe applications. […]

EVF Tutorial – Change Volume in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial is on how to change volume levels in Avid Media Composer. At some point you’re going to have to adjust audio levels. This tutorial shows by far the quickest and easiest way to do this. Below are useful links related to the tutorial: – Website: – [New Post] Reflections and My Big […]

Media Composer 8.4 New Feature – AAX Plugin Presets

In Avid Media Composer 8.4 we now have the ability to recall AAX Plugin presets in the same fashion as Pro Tools. Have you ever created the perfect preset in Pro Tools and wanted to use that easily within Media Composer? Well now you can! Easily recall the factory presets and presets that you have […]

Mix Avid Media Composer Audio with the iPad Lemur App

Control the Audio Faders of the Avid Media Composer with your iPad. It is REALLY simple and responsive and you can have this RIGHT NOW if you have an iPad. All the links, diagrams and the info necessary is at my blog post: Questions? Ask me on or comment below.

Media Composer 8.1 – AAX Audio Plug-in Support

Avid Media Composer 8.1 brought us so many great new features. Such as mute track, drag to copy, and so much more. One of my favorite new additions is support for AAX Audio Plugins. Having the ability to work with audio in Media Composer using the same tools I already employ in Pro Tools is […]

Adjusting Audio Levels in Avid Media Composer 7 (Manhattan Edit Workshop Training Series)

Manhattan Edit Workshop instructor Janet Dalton’s tutorial for using Frame Flex in Avid MC7. For more information about our courses please go to

Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors: Lesson 5

If you’re not getting what you need to succeed—or you’re a former Avid user who switched (we’d love to have you back)—join award-winning editor Kevin P McAuliffe to get started fast. In our fifth and final “Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7” tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe opens up the Audio Tools […]

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