Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – BCC Transitions

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe starts things off by talking about the importance of updating your BCC 10.0.2 effects package, and not just for the obvious reason of bug fixes, then he moves on and talks about transitions inside of BCC, and how with a little bit of creativity, you can take one transition, […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – BCC Remover & Mocha BCC

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe takes a look at a common situation that editors run into, and that’s when a producer/director asks them to remove an element from a shot. Whether it’s a sign on a wall, or even a boat on an empty ocean, this is a fairly simple task, assuming the footage […]

Tracking Options for Avid Users: BCC 10 & mocha Pro plug-in

Colorist & finishing artist Dan Harvey shows Boris Continuum Complete + Avid Media Composer users the main differences between three different types of motion tracking available through Boris FX and Imagineer Systems. Part I. Covers the point motion tracker built into BCC for simple motion tracking tasks. Part II. Covers the integrated mocha/BCC Pixel Chooser […]

Quick Tip: Wide Angle Lens Correction with BCC 10 plug-ins inside Avid Media Composer

BCC Lens Correction is a plug-in designed to the remove lens distortion introduced by wide angle lens, fish eye lenses, and GoPro cameras. Freelance Editor Nathan Ryan shows Continuum Complete 10 and Avid Media Composer users how to easily fix and fine tune distortion, warp, and perspective issues using the new Lens Correction filter. Footage […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – BCC Pan & Zoom

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe steps up his Pan & Zoom game by looking at BCC’s Pan & Zoom effect, which is a major step up from the Avid Pan & Zoom effect in Media Composer. With the ability to auto-animate your Pan & Zooms, add vignettes, and utilize 3D rotations (to name a […]

Quick Tips: Fixing Flicker with BCC inside Media Composer

In this short tutorial, editor Nathan Ryan shows Avid Media Composer users a few different methods, tips, and tricks for quickly fixing flickering footage with Continuum Complete. For more information on Continuum Complete, please visit: https://www.borisfx.com/products/cont…

Advanced Credit Rolls & Crawls

Kevin P. McAuliffe is back to show Media Composer users how to easily create multi-page credit rolls in a matter of minutes using the new BCC Title Studio. Plus, working in HD and adding supers and title crawls – all without leaving your timeline. Learn more about Continuum Complete 10 for Avid: borisfx.com/products/continuum-complete/?host=avidHost

Easy Credit Scrolls with BCC Title Studio

Kevin P. McAuliffe shows Avid Media Composer users how to quickly create animated credit scrolls using the new BCC Title Studio. Simply type in text, import a text file or add logos to your scroll in minutes.

BCC for Avid Color Grading Tips

UK-based colorist and trainer Dan Harvey shares tips for color correction & grading inside Avid Media Composer. Get quick looks with filters like Fast Film Glow and Fast Film Process or use the integrated mocha/PixelChooser masking tools to complement the native Media Composer color correction tools. Learn more about Continuum Complete 10 – https://www.borisfx.com/products/cont…

BCC 10 for Avid – Review with Kevin McAuliffe

What is new in BCC 10 for Avid users. In this episode of Boris TV, Kevin P. McAuliffe covers the major new features in BCC 10 plug-ins for Avid including: Title Studio, Beauty Studio, Integrated mocha tracking and much more. To learn more about plug-ins for Avid and Boris FX, visit us: borisfx.com

Webinar Replay: Advanced Finishing Techniques in Media Composer HD

Kevin P. McAuliffe demonstrates how to make quick work out of often time-consuming daily tasks, including keying, compositing, screen replacement, and 3D animated titles. Also covers how BCC and Imagineer System’s planar tracking software mocha Pro work together to make your job even easier.

Complex, Real-World Effects with BCC Wild Cards in Avid

In this Boris TV episode, Kevin P McAuliffe creates a video wall in 3D space in just minutes using Boris Continuum Complete’s Wild Cards filter in his Avid editing system. Not only is BCC Wild Cards easy to use, but it is quick to manipulate to produce stunning effects. The Boris Continuum plugin is included […]

Animate Effects Across Multiple Clips with Beat Reactor

Watch Kevin P. McAuliffe take an audio clip and automatically animate Boris Continuum Complete’s Film Glow effect to music using the built-in Beat Reactor. Many BCC effects integrate Beat Reactor and this tutorial shows you how to easily create animation as well as a neat trick to ensure that the effect animates evenly across three […]

Create Complex Particle Effects Without Leaving Your Avid

Kevin P. McAuliffe harnesses the power of Boris Continuum Complete v8 AVX’s Particle Emitter 3D filter to create engaging particle effects directly from within Avid Media Composer, giving his Avid titles a “particle overhaul”.

Remove Flicker and Fix Auto-Iris Camera Issues in Avid Media Composer and Symphony

In this Boris TV episode, Kevin P. McAuliffe shows you how to remove flicker from video or fix pesky auto-iris camera issues using Boris Continuum Complete’s Flicker Fixer filter in Avid Symphony.

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