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Exporting Interviews for Transcription in Avid Media Composer

Part 6 of the Assistant Editing for Reality Television course on Chapters:00:00:01 Work of Story Producers00:02:00 Interviews overview00:04:25 Creating interview sequences00:05:56 Source/Record monitors00:07:14 Interview bins00:08:13 Subsequence OTF/Interview00:17:00 Adding timecode burn00:20:26 Export setting00:23:26 Work with Docx transcript00:25:46 Script Sync00:28:57 Troubleshooting & tips

Avid Technology

Avid® Rough Cut – Chris Nelson

We sit down with Chris Nelson A.C.E. Editor of Lost, Mad Men, and Six Feet Under to discuss his career in post-production and the challenges editors continue to face in “fixing it in post”. This presentation was the keynote for the UFVA 2011 Conference, recorded on-site at Emerson College.