Avid Screencast #33: Safe Color Limiter

Nothing fancy, but a solid workhorse: Want to make sure that your sequence is complying with technical broadcast standards? The Safe Color Limiter Effect is your friend. http://avidscreencast.com/asc33  

Media Composer 4 – First Look at the World’s Most Advanced Film and Video Editing System

Get more features, more formats, more flexibility, and more fun! Media Composer® 4 is available now on Avid.com and at resellers near you. Mix and match SD and HD formats, frame rates, and resolutions in the same timeline Access and edit XDCAM, P2, and GFCAM media directly, without transcoding or copying files Acquire, edit, and […]

Read Audio Timecode – Media Composer Cutting Edge

Gain more flexibility during production with Read Audio Timecode, a feature in Avid Media Composer that allows you to capture audio and video separately and then automatically synchronize the sources together as you begin editing. During production, you use an external timecode generator to sync the internal clock of the sound recorder, while feeding the […]