Day: 2017-07-03

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How to Ingest Sequentially Numbered Still Images to Make a Timelapse in Avid Media Composer

If you’ve used a GoPro or DSLR to take a timelapse using still images, watch this tutorial to see the best way to ingest those still images into Avid Media Composer. Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3…

Media Composer | First | Video Editing

Let’s Edit with Media Composer | First – Lesson 1 – Getting Started

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about getting yourself up and running with Media Composer | First, the new, free, version of Avid Media Composer. The first, and most important thing to understand is the Application Manager and your Avid Account, as they are directly tied to the application launching. From there, we move…