The Power of Mark IN & OUT in Avid Media Composer

Believe it or not, the Mark IN & OUT button in Avid Media Composer doesn’t serve only one purpose. Check out this tutorial to find out its other uses! Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3

How to Insert Video in Text in Avid Media Composer

Don’t have Boris or After Effects? Or do you just want a cool render-free title effect? If so, this tutorial will show you how to put video in your text using the Title Tool in Avid Media Composer. Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in 8.9.3

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about the new features in version 8.9.3 including Dynamic Shuttle, Temporal motion effects, support for Mac OS 10.13 – High Sierra, and so much more!

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – BCC 11’s Enhanced Avid Workflow

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about BCC 11’s new Media Composer workflow. In the past, editors were limited to working with BCC effects in their composites. Now, with the release of version 11, the development team has updated the effects workflow for BCC to allow Sapphire 11 effects to be incorporated in your […]

Media Composer | Track Locks

In this video we’ll look at how to lock tracks in Avid Media Composer so no editing can take place on those tracks. Track Locks are helpful to maintain an edit, to “lock it in”. When you lock a track, no further editing can take place on that track (or tracks), you can not even […]

Using Slo-Mo iPhone Footage in Avid Media Composer

Smartphone technology has made shooting HD video accessible to almost everyone. However, iPhone’s shoot in a much higher frame rate than what Avid Media Composer is programmed for, which can make using that footage difficult. This tutorial will show you an easy work around that allows you to not only use the footage, but also […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer | First – Lesson 6 – Basic Timeline Manipulation

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about moving clips around your timeline(s) by using the Smart Tools at the left of your timeline. He also talks about a powerful shortcut, the Extend Key, and why you’re going to want to have it mapped as a keyboard, or composer shortcut!

Basic Timewarp Effects in Avid Media Composer

This tutorial will explain the basic uses for the timewarp effect including speeding up, slowing down, and reversing footage in Avid Media Composer! Software used: Media Composer 8.5.3

Foley Sound Tips in the Edit Bay

Does your scene sound empty because of a lack of natural audio? Watch this tutorial written by Natalie Chovancek Ebnet to see a quick way to foley sound in your edit bay!

Tips & Tricks | Media Composer to Adobe After Effects Workflow

Avid Senior Solutions Specialist Corey Tedrow demonstrates roundtripping between Media Composer and Adobe After Effects. Watch more tutorial videos at

MediaCentral | Cloud UX — Overview

The all-new MediaCentral suite is a lightweight, web-based suite of tools that get the job done fast. This short overview video looks at the apps available to create a custom dashboard: browse, search, process, rundown, edit and publish. For more information, please visit

4 minute briefing – Editorial Management for Avid Media Composer workflows

Interplay PAM is gone. The new ‘Editorial Management’ software is a segment of Avid’s Media Central platform specifically designed for Post Production collaboration that adds functionality to a Media Composter panel *and* opens up new workflows through a web browser UI. This quick video covers the essential features of Editorial Management, where this fits in, […]

Media Composer | Display Color Space

This video will show you how to change the Display Color Space for Full Screen Playback, Source, and Record in Avid Media Composer. The Display Color Space does not change our media, it lets us view our edit in different color spaces so we will KNOW what our video will look like once we export […]

Tips & Tricks | Speed Up Your Edits in Media Composer

Avid Senior Solutions Specialist Corey Tedrow explains how to use the top and tail tools, extend edit to create an L-cut and replace edit. Watch more tutorial videos at

A Crash Course in Avid Media Composer | First in Under 7 Minutes!

Want to make the next blockbuster hit using Avid Media Composer | First? Check out this tutorial to get you started on the basics of this powerful program! Software used: Media Composer | First 8.9.1…

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