Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 21 – 3D Warp Effect

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Many editors that come from other NLE’s are used to clip-based parameters, meaning that they can adjust things like Scale, Rotation, Position, Crop and Opacity without having to apply any additional effects.

That’s not the case inside of Media Composer. In Media Composer, we utilize an effect that will really be the core of all the basic effects work you do, and that is the 3D Warp Effect.

This simple, but powerful effect will be used multiple times in probably every project you work on, and can even be applied to elements like Title Tool Titles (Windows and Mac-Supported editors), to give you additional creative flexibility. Enjoy!

01:32 – A follow up from Lesson 12 – Exporting
04:52 – What are clip-based parameters?
07:28 – Finding the 3D Warp Effect
10:20 – Keyframes
12:23 – Stepping into effects
14:51 – A true 3D effect
15:56 – Promoting other effects to 3D
17:31 – Promoting Titles to 3D

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