Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 20 – Basic Transitions

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In this lesson, we’re going to start the first of a two part discussion about basic effects in your timeline, and there’s not better effect to start with then the transition.

Whether it’s a Dissolve or Wipe, you’ll be definitely using transitions as part of your workflow. Now, most people think “Oh wow, a dissolve”, but there’s much more that goes into the dissolve than most people think. Are you doing a dip to color dissolve?

How about a flash to white dissolve? What about a film fade/dissolve? All of this, plus we’ll get in and show you how to manually adjust your transitions, so you can get exactly the look you want. Enjoy!

03:20 – Effects Palette
04:29 – The Quick Transition shortcut
07:53 – The Quick Transition Interface
08:31 – The Effect Editor
10:36 – Multiple instances of the same transition
11:39 – Creating Effect Favorites
13:48 – Manually adjusting transition start/end points

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