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Re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales on the Avid ISIS 5000 – RSPE Audio

Jonathan Wales on how Avid ISIS 5000 shared media storage affected his workflow and greatly increased efficiency & productivity. For more from this interview, and other discussions about world class studio equipment, visit: http://www.rspeaudio.com/RSPE_Audio_I… Avid ISIS 5000 Game changing capability and workflow flexibility has never been more affordable. ISIS 5000 sets the benchmark for real-time,


Digistor Hardware Check: AVID ISIS 5000

This edition of the Digistor Tech Check takes a look at the AVID ISIS 5000 central storage system. Part 1: Technical Overview Part 2: Demonstration of the ISIS5000 with it’s easy to manage user interface. !!! NOTE !!! The video mentions that each RAID5 set contains a group of four disks. In fact its a