Re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales on the Avid ISIS 5000 – RSPE Audio

Jonathan Wales on how Avid ISIS 5000 shared media storage affected his workflow and greatly increased efficiency & productivity.

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Avid ISIS 5000
Game changing capability and workflow flexibility has never been more affordable. ISIS 5000 sets the benchmark for real-time, media-optimized shared media storage, and that’s good news for both your top and bottom line.

With 90 connection licenses included, and raw capacity from 16TB or 96TB and 32TB to 192TB, ISIS 5000 fits a wide range of facility needs with plenty of room to grow. Depending on the model, four 1Gbit Ethernet ports or a 10Gbit Ethernet port provide connectivity to one or two external switches, or directly connect to up to eight 1Gbit clients and one 10GigE client.

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