Tips & Tricks | Media Composer to Adobe After Effects Workflow

Avid Senior Solutions Specialist Corey Tedrow demonstrates roundtripping between Media Composer and Adobe After Effects. Watch more tutorial videos at

4K Workflows with Avid ISIS: Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve

ISIS shared storage, part of the Avid Storage Suite, provide unparalleled system access, performance, and scalability, so your facility can enhance collaboration and operate more efficiently. More productions are shooting with 2K and 4K cameras, and facilities need a powerful storage system that supports these workflows. ISIS shared storage systems now support 4K and Ultra […]

Re-recording mixer Jonathan Wales on the Avid ISIS 5000 – RSPE Audio

Jonathan Wales on how Avid ISIS 5000 shared media storage affected his workflow and greatly increased efficiency & productivity. For more from this interview, and other discussions about world class studio equipment, visit:… Avid ISIS 5000 Game changing capability and workflow flexibility has never been more affordable. ISIS 5000 sets the benchmark for real-time, […]

Survival Guide ‒ Media Composer® Sony XDCAM AMA Basics ‒ Avid®

In this video, Justin Wingate will show you the basics for Sony XDCAM AMA. Survival Guide Video Series is proudly presented by Avid Support. The series covers basic troubleshooting, how-to, software activation, quick tips, and more. Subscribe to the Media Composer Survival Guide playlist for new episodes.…

Star Trek: Storytelling on the Galactic Edge

Creating a sci-fi, adventure film with more than 1,000 visual effects, using a reliable, full-featured editing workflow.

Deliver Stories As They Happen

This webcast provides unique insights into how you can create superlative stories from where they are happening and distribute them to more channels faster than ever before using Avid Interplay Sphere, Interplay Central, NewsCutter, and iNEWS.

Supplementing the Avid Media Composer Workflow for 2K+

Award-winning filmmaker, producer, editor and industry technologist, Michael Phillips shares his Media Composer workflow for 2K+ with details for preparing dailies, double system audio sync overview, steps for Pull list and re-conform to original 2K elements for Avid HD finish, prep for and completion of conform in Smoke or Resolve at native resolutions. ABOUT MICHAEL […]

ARRI ALEXA: DNxHD File Support for Media Composer®

ARRI’s line of ALEXA cameras has become popular among filmmakers, as the cameras can digitally capture the cinematic look of film. And now these cameras are able to record to high-quality, SMPTE-standard Avid DNxHD format, so you can edit the footage natively in Media Composer and Symphony—without transcoding or importing. In this video, ARRI’s JD […]

Achieve ► News

Imagine you’ve got major news stories breaking everywhere and an understaffed newsroom coping as best they can with an inundation of content coming in. With the industry’s most integrated, interconnected newsroom solutions, Avid can help you achieve a new level of production capability.

Achieve ► TV

Imagine you need to produce a new, high-end reality show that features a few wrinkles TV audiences have never seen before. With the power to work quicker and more collaboratively, Avid can help you achieve the viewer engagement and ratings necessary to make your show an unqualified success.

Achieve ► Sports

Imagine you’ve got a stadium full of fans you need to get out of their seats and onto their feet. Now you can achieve a level of entertainment that keeps those fans coming back or tuning in time after time-no matter how your team is doing on the field.

Media Composer® 6 – Working with Stereoscopic 3D

With Stereoscopic filmmaking comes an entirely new set of creative techniques, rules and editing practices. Media Composer 6 includes a powerful, integrated stereoscopic workflow. In our free tutorial videos on you’ll see how to take advantage of it. But, let’s begin by taking a look at how our eyes work in stereo. Become an […]

Coronation Street: Upgrading a Classic to HD

Avid had just three months to design and integrate a state-of-the-art file-based HD production and post workflow for one of the UK’s biggest shows—while it was still being produced.

European launch of Interplay® Central with Jim Frantzreb

Next-generation workflow tools for on-the-go media professionals delivered through both web- and mobile-based apps.

Breaking new ground with Interplay Central – Avid @ NAB 2011

Avid breaks new ground and expands the Interplay product family with Interplay Central. Interplay Central delivers next-generation workflow paradigm media creation, distribution and management.

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