Avid Media Composer: Batch Importing

library.creativecow.net/hancock_michael/Avid-Media-Composer_Batch This tutorial for Avid Media Composer/Symphony covers the basics of batch importing in Avid, and includes replacing a file with another file so it will auto-update across sequences, renaming clips in your bin then finding the original imported file name, batch importing with an alpha channel, importing a file with audio then replacing only the video portion, caveats to batch importing (the importance of file duration), and batching importing groups of clips that have moved from their original location.


  1. WBS says:

    thanks! what about importing a bunch of clips at one time in separate folders? will avid just not import folders?

    • Fredrik Liljeblad says:

      Sorry, I’ve been offline a bit. I would use Link (that supports subfolders, or different folders, alt-drag), and then transcode (or just edit) .. If/When it’s time to link again (example from different location).. Just Link again (all needed clips to a new bin) then sequences can relink to the new paths.

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