Best features of the new Avid (added between 2019.6 and 2020.4)

This is a video highlighting and demonstrating my top 14 best features to have debuted since Avid changed the Media Composer UI (and code/engine/overhaul) back in 2019 with the release of 2019.6 up to current version at time of recording 2022.4

Thanks Everyone for watching!! Got more content coming soon (working on a long-form series as well as this plus trying to get family facetime with the kids but will get it up when I can!)

Specs of Avid system at time of recording this video:
MacBook Pro 2018
Six Core i9 2.9GHz CPU / 32GB of RAM / 4GB Radeon Pro 560X
MacOS 12.2 – Monterey
Avid Media Composer 2022.4

See below for chapter marker links to each of the discussed features:

00:00 – Intro
01:26 – 01 – Bulk edit + find/replace in bins
08:27 – 02 – View bin colours in the project window / bin sidebar
10:29 – 03 – Project poster frames
11:33 – 04 – Thumbnail view of Titler+ titles
11:48 – 05 – Search function in the command palette
12:23 – 06 – HEVC / H.265 support
12:47 – 07 – The Bin Map
14:22 – 08 – Snap to grid in bin frame view
15:47 – 09 – Bin status – live bin readouts
17:58 – 10 – The Sequence Map
19:17 – 11 – Sync lock all tracks with a keystroke
19:58 – 12 – An updated Audio Mixer
20:32 – 13 – Up to 99 video and 99 audio tracks
22:06 – 14 – Sending updated Avid media
25:23 – Summary and conclusion

And here’s a list of all features discussed in the video and a note fo what version of Avid Media composer they released on!

01 Bullk Edit – 2020.4
Find/Replace – 2020.9

02 Bin bg colour on tabs – 2012.9
Bin bg colour on tabs only – 2020.4
Bin bg colour shown in sidebar – 2020.12

03 Poster frames – 2020.4

04 Titler+ Thumbnails – 2020.6

05 Command Palette quick find function – 2022.4

06 H.265/HEVC support in UME for Link and Export – 2020.12

07 The Bin Map – 2019.6
Map bin fast menu commands – 2020.12

08 Snap to grid in Bin frame view – 2021.12

09 Bin status information – 2021.3
Bin status information shows duration of selected clips – 2021.6

10 Sequence Map – 2020.4

11 Sync lock all tracks – 2021.3

12 Updated Audio Mixer – 2020.12

13 99 video and 99 audio tracks – 2021.12

14 Export Media Differences between sequences (AAF) – 2020.12

There are a number of other cool features that have been released since the new UI did. They are listed below aloing with a link to Avid’s official videos highlighting them.

-SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) support

Avid MC 2021.12
-M1 Support
-Dock tool palettes throughout your workspace
-Select up to 16 channels of audio when streaming to NDI
-Adjust bin column width with click and drag
-Enable/disable moving a clip with segment tool leaving filler in bg

Avid MC 2021.6
-The abiity to jump to the next audio keyframe while the audio mixer is active
-Distributed processing (create a mini render farm with your own networked computers!)
-Improved Timeline scrolling (set the timeline to scroll during play)
-Add Titler+ text to timeline clip notes automatically
-Drag and drop clips into closed bins in the sidebar

Avid MC 2021.3
-IMF Supplemental support
-Move Segment Improvements (demonstrated in my first video of 6 awesome MC features!)
-Find bin from the timeline

Avid MC 2020.12
-UME AAC Audio export support
-Transcode Alpha mattes
-Dock tools in floating windows
-Sort columns in the BC sidebar
-Reveal user profile (Quite handy to jump to settings location)

Avid MC 2020.10
-ProRes RAW Decode support

Avid MC 2020.9
-UME MP4 Export
-Native ProRes4444XQ support

Avid MC 2020.6
-UME custom raster export
-Timeline segement selction informs the inspector tool
-Variable frame rate media support
-FrameFlex added to refresh sequences
-Exporting to ProRes codecs on Windows (both .mxf and .mov)
-Strip silence (remove all audio below a maximum audio level (NICE!)
-Metadata brightness sliders
-Effect palette UI update (resize the window a lot easier)
-Finer colour correction adjustments
-8K support for open I/O
-New mask margin presets and 15 new colour spaces

Avid 2019.12
-OpenEXR Support
-Inspector tool works with multiple selections

Avid 2019.9
-Colour palette update
-Bin left lock
-More mappable timeline buttons

Avid MC 2019.6
-The Inspector tool
-MXF OP1a Media Creation
-Multiple Monitor support (as host panels. Pick and choose which monitors MC is using)

Also as always music from my Intro and Outro is from BenSound. You can check out their awesome music here:

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