How to MultiGroup in AVID Media Composer for Reality TeleVision

Details how to sync and group a Multi Camera shoot in AVID Media Composer for Assistant Editors on Reality TV programs. Covers MultiGroup, Groups, Custom Views, Patching Tracks, and Syncing up video clips.

If you need footage to practice with:
1) Set an analog clock to 12:00 and video tape it using any camera (even a cell). Shoot a minute or two.
2) Reset the Clock and move the camera, shoot again.
3) Repeat for as many angles as you want.
Now you have footage to multigroup with that seems like it was shot simultaneously in a multicam environment.

Additionally, you can search out applications that allow you to alter the timecode of a clip. Then alter the TC of the above clips for a greater challenge.

Don’t ask me what apps change TC, a good AE knows how to find this stuff.

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