Introducing Media Composer 7

Media Composer has long been the most trusted tool of professional editors. Media Composer 7 opens your possibilities even further, simplifying and accelerating file-based workflows and extending real-time production everywhere so you can focus on telling the best story possible. From new high-res workflows and AMA media management, to automated media operations and global collaboration, experience the industry’s preeminent NLE, now starting at just $999 USD.

New features announced with this product:

FrameFlex: the ability to use 2K-5K footage in your HD timeline with keyframing.
– 1D/3D Look-up Tables (LUTs) and Color Decision Lists (CDLs) supported
– Dynamic Media Folders with profiles for background Consolidate / Transcode / Copy
– Managed AMA Media
– Master Audio Fader
– Cached Audio Waveforms
– Direct Audio Clip Gain
from within the timeline
AS-11 support
Native support for XVAC (2/4K via AMA)
– Interplay Sphere for Mac and PC

Beginning with this release, the Symphony product will now be an OPTION for Media Composer, much like PhraseFind and ScriptSync.  The Symphony option includes Advanced Color Correction and Universal Mastering.

The release date for Media Composer v7.0 will be announced at a later date.

Customers who purchase Media Composer v6.5 or Symphony v6.5 as of April 7, 2013, will receive v7.0 for free provided they register their product and retrieve their upgrade code by June 30, 2013.

What’s New in Media Composer 7

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