Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 12 – Exporting Basics

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People always laugh when I say that the three main concepts I teach in Media Composer at the very beginning is Acquisition, Basic Editing and Basic Exporting.

If you know those three concepts, everything else will be icing on the cake, and just help make your Media Composer editing experience much easier.

Well, in this lesson, we’re going to cover Basic Exporting, how to set up export presets, exporting Masters vs screening files, and what to say to clients that want 300 DPI still images exported from your Timeline. Enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
02:38 – One Export to rule them all!
05:46 – The Export Window
07:44 – Exporting your “Master” file.
12:09 – Export Presets
14:19 – How to export H264 files
19:12 – How to export Audio Files
20:37 – How to export Stills
22:02 – Important things to consider with Stills
24:32 – Outro

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