Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 19 – “Finding” your Footage

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In this lesson, we’re going to talk about “Finding” your footage. Now, I’m not talking about going into the Find tool and simply punching in a clips name.

Have you ever needed to track down offline media in your timeline? We’ll talk about that. Have you ever wanted to know which clips you haven’t used in a timeline? We’ll cover that too.

We’ll also talk about how you can quickly figure out which footage you haven’t used, so you can delete it to free up space on your hard drive, and last but certainly not least, we’ll even look at a downside of transcoding your footage in DaVinci Resolve, and how to get around it. Enjoy!

2:15 – Timeline Clip Colors
6:01 – Using the “Select” Options
7:53 – Tracking down Offline media in your bin(s)
9:16 – Finding clips you haven’t used in a Timeline
11:14 – Finding clips you HAVE used in your Timeline
13:10 – The downside of media prep in Resolve
14:16 – A quick and simple way to free up hard drive spac

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