Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 7 – Color Encoding

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In this lesson, we’re continuing our look at each clips Source Settings by talking about Color Encoding, Media Composer’s fancy way of saying LUT’s.

The Color Encoding window is just that. A way to add LUT’s to your footage to convert them from the acquisition color space, to the working color space (REC709).

We also discuss how to install your own custom Technical or Creative LUT’s, and we also dive head first into the Linked Plug-ins window, where you can adjust the parameters of RAW clips (RED, Blackmagic Design) in Media Composer. Enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
01:06 – Welcome Videoguys!
02:25 – Media Composer AMA Plug-ins
06:38 – Different footage types in Media Composer
08:38 – Color Encoding Window in Source Settings
12:48 – Installing LUT’s
15:55 – Sometimes MC thinks it knows too much
17:21 – Linked Plug-ins Window
22:19 – Wrap Up

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