Let’s Edit with Media Composer – Lesson 9 – Exporting

Now, you might be thinking…”Hang on…did I miss a ton of lessons?” No, you didn’t. When I teach Media Composer, I teach the importance of Project Setup, Transcoding and Consolidating and Exporting. This is where projects fall off the rails. Make one mistake in any of these three sections, and your project will be in big trouble. So, for this lesson, we’re talking about the basics of exporting media for both your Masters, and your H264 approval files. Enjoy!

When Exporting Stereo MXF OP1A enable the Interleaved as some 3rd party programs can’t interpret Stereo correctly as they don’t understand the OP1A Standard properly. If your stereo doesn’t sound right in Handbrake or VLC, then it could be that you didn’t enable Interleaved during export.

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