Let’s Edit with Media Composer – What’s New in 8.6

The new 8.6 release of Avid Media Composer is here, and there’s a lot to be excited about!  The Source Browser is the most prominent new feature, and it will change the way you source, link to and import media.  Gone are the days of importing or linking to tons of clips to find the one you want.  Now, simply use the Source Browser to preview your clips before you edit with them.  Audio ducking is a big surprise, and it makes it easy for you to to quick audio mixes by having Media Composer analyze the voice tracks on one (or many) layers, and then, via keyframing, dip your music (or sound effects) on other layers to quickly pull that audio mix together.  This is a fantastic new feature that’s perfect for those times when you need a mix fast, because a producer or director will be in your room momentarily.  These two main features lead the way with other features that Media Composer editors will love, including:

  • Support for Panasonic AVC-LongG Format
  • New Timeline Context Menus
  • Audio Track Names in the Audio Mixer Tool
  • Nested AudioSuite Effects
  • Default Pan for Mono Tracks
  • RED Plug-In Performance
  • SMPTE Channel Order
  • Audio Grouping
  • Exporting with Mask Margins
  • Mac OS v10.11.5 has been qualified with this release.

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