Media Composer 2019: Panel UI, Bins, Bin Containers, and timeline updated

This is a clip from Michael Krulik’s Media Composer 2019 presentation at Key Code Media’s Avid Media Composer Post Production event. To watch the full event recording, visit:…

Avid is simplifying the Media Composer UI complexity with a responsive, paneled interface, so you customize the way you want to work. The new interface adds more flexibility and control, so different roles within the production process can customize a layout and see the tools they need to use and remove everything else.

In the past, Avid had both bins and windows that would clutter a users screen. With the new Media Composer 2019 interface, you can connect your Windows, Bins, Timeline, Source/Record in any way that works for you. For example, a user can choose to lock their bin container to the top, bottom, left, or right of the source/record. Another user could just as easily detach the bin container and float it over to a second screen.


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