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In this video, Jon Christenson will show you the basics of multicam editing.

Media Composer 7 Survival Guide Video Series is proudly presented by Avid Support. The series covers basic troubleshooting, how-to, software activation, quick tips, and more.

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  1. ALENA says:

    Hello! I just wanna understand why my sync points don t work in newscutter? I mean when I put them in the same place in each clip after grouping there is no changes.Every clip starts as its original it seems my programme ignore my sync points. if in your video your clip after grouping starts from that moment where u ve put mark in my case it starts from first frame. from the very beginning/ please help me.

  2. ALENA says:

    thanks, but my Newscutter has not sync point. I can not find this function.

  3. Freddy says:

    In NewsCutter you can enable it in the check-box here:
    Settings -> Composer -> Edit -> Sync Point Editing

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