Media Composer 8.6+ How To Use Link/AMA Link – The Source Browser

Media Composer 8.6 introduced a change in the way we use Link to add clips to our bin. If you have been a Media Composer user for awhile you will probably remember AMA LINK. Then AMA LINK was changed to simply LINK in our context menu. Now, we access LINK through the Source Browser.

The Source Browser is structured just like Windows Explorer or the Finder on OSX, so you will know how to use it. Find the clip or clips you want to Link, make sure you choose LINK in the lower left hand corner, and press the LINK button on the lower right. That is the essentials of using LINK in Media Composer 8.6 and higher.

The Source Browser of course has more features, some of which I cover in the video, but that’s all you need to know in order to use Link.

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