Media Composer | 85+ Free VFX Plugins and demo

In this video I’ll show you how you can get over 85 free AVX plugins for Media Composer, absolutely for FREE! Plugin packages for Media Composer often cost thousands of dollars, but these plugins are high quality, powerful, AND FREE! These plugins will work in other NLEs too. So if you happen to have Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, they will work in both of those. If you have Apple Final Cut, that will work too. If you have Sony Vegas, these plugins will work there as well. You get the idea, check the link below to see all compatible NLEs (video editors). And if you don’t have a video editor, you can grab HitFilm Express for free.

The first part of the video will show you where to get the plugins. After that, we hop into Media Composer and demo many of these plugins. You will be able to get a quick idea of what each effect does, and I’ll go into some Media Composer editing techniques, talk about keyframes, blend modes, and much more.

Thanks to HitFilm for providing these plugins for free. (HitFilm Ignite Express)

Get your FREE VFX here:

Ignite Express 2017 User Guide…

HitFilm Express (free NLE)

Avid Media Composer

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