Media Composer – Source/Record Monitor ZOOM

In this video we look at how to Zoom In and Out and move an enlarged image in the Source and Record Monitors in Avid Media Composer.

Be sure to watch the last video to see how to Zoom when in Effect Mode: (Link here)

Zooming in on your footage can be very helpful. It can help you see detail in your footage so you can be certain that everything shown in your footage is correct.

Note that enlarging or reducing the view does not effect the output of the video. This is not an effect, this is to help you detect detail in your footage.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl+L (Win)/Cmd+L (Mac) Zoom In
Ctrl+K (Win)/Cmd+K (Mac) Zoom Out

Move Enlarged Image
Ctrl+Alt then Click & Drag (Windows)
Cmd+Option then Click & Drag (Mac)

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