Sean Albertson and Paul Harb editing The Expendables 3

Veteran editors Sean Albertson (left) and Paul Harb (right) have a deep history working closely with Sylvester Stallone on action films like Rambo, Rocky Balboa, and their newest collaboration, The Expendables 3.

Sean and Paul first joined forces with Sly to edit the film, Rocky. They developed a bond while working together with a team of editors recruited by Sly to focus solely on training and fighting montages for the film. Since that project, they have not only become best friends and blood brothers in the editing room, but each has grown to be an expert in the craft.

Recently I had a chance to sit down with Sean and Paul to discuss their experience working with Sly on The Expendables 3 and other films. Watch now in this episode of The Rough Cut.

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