Technique Using The Merge Color Correction Function For Episodes With Act Recaps

Our company has found a unique way to use the merge color correction function to assist in quickly completing recaps, cold opens, or any other repeated shots in your sequence! We hope this handy trick is just as useful for you. For our detailed tutorial on how to Remove and Merge Color Correction in Avid […]

Remove and Merge Color Correction in Avid Media Composer with the Symphony option.

This Tutorial will show you a way to instantly remove another editor’s color correction with a single click of the mouse. As well as, offer a quick way to copy color correction to a new or updated sequence with the Merge function in Avid Media Composer using the Symphony option. Software used: Media Composer 8.5.1 […]

Let’s Edit with Media Composer – ADVANCED – Working with LUT’s

In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about working with Look Up Tables (LUT’s) inside of Media Composer. They’re not as simple to get installed in Media Composer as they are in other applications, as they are treated more like AMA Linked to parameters, as opposed to effects, but once installed, they can be worked […]

Media Composer – PAINT EFFECT (How to Re-Color and Tracking)

In this video we look at how to use the Paint Effect to re-color/colorize/color-correct a portion of a video clip, and how to use motion tracking with the Paint Effect in Avid Media Composer. We are using Avid Media Composer 8.5.1 in this video, but the process will be the same for other versions. First, […]

Soft-Clip Legaliser for broadcast safe video in Avid Media Composer

Designed especially for Avid Media Composer, this LUT legalises video levels to be broadcast safe. RGB and Luma are corrected to be within EBU-R103 gamut requirements. A great purchasable alternative to hardware legalisers and perfect for file-based mastering  

Tutorial – Avid Media Composer to DaVinci Resolve Roundtrip (inc. quick colour grade)

Tutorial on exporting from Media Composer, then importing into resolve. Then some simple grading examples, and export back to media composer.

BCC for Avid Color Grading Tips

UK-based colorist and trainer Dan Harvey shares tips for color correction & grading inside Avid Media Composer. Get quick looks with filters like Fast Film Glow and Fast Film Process or use the integrated mocha/PixelChooser masking tools to complement the native Media Composer color correction tools. Learn more about Continuum Complete 10 –…

Color Cast Correction in Avid Media Composer

Learn how to use the Chroma Key Function ‘Spectra Matte’ to fix a color cast problem within Avid Media Composer.

Avid Media Composer Safe Color Limiter

Tutorial on applying the Safe Color Limiter effect using Avid Media Composer

Media Composer Control and the Middle Mouse Roller

Hold down the control key and use your middle mouse roller for fine control for many of the Media Composer functions including: Color Correction functions Effect Mode sliders Timeline Navigation. I guess there is a Mac Equivalent with a decent mouse.

How to get the best Color Correction with Avid Media Composer

This tutorial demonstrates how to leverage Avid’s powerful and efficient color correction by working in Color Correction mode, which allows you quick access to its color grading features but keeps them out of the way while you’re editing

4K Workflows with Avid ISIS: Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve

ISIS shared storage, part of the Avid Storage Suite, provide unparalleled system access, performance, and scalability, so your facility can enhance collaboration and operate more efficiently. More productions are shooting with 2K and 4K cameras, and facilities need a powerful storage system that supports these workflows. ISIS shared storage systems now support 4K and Ultra […]

Media Composer – Color Correction Jump to In or Out Marks

Media Composer quick tip to remain in color correction mode while jumping to in or out marks. Triggered by a question on the DS list about Goto In or Out while in color correction mode of the Media Composer. Frustration loomed as editors were forced back into source/record mode wasting valuable time and keystrokes to […]

Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors: Lesson 2

If you’re not getting what you need to succeed—or you’re a former Avid user who switched (we’d love to have you back)—join award-winning editor Kevin P McAuliffe to get started fast. In the second of our “Get Started Fast with Avid for Final Cut Pro 7” tutorials, Kevin P McAuliffe highlights key differences between […]

Get Started Fast with Avid Media Composer 7: Lesson 4

Get Started Fast with Avid Media Composer 7: Lesson 4

In the fourth of our “Get Started Fast with Avid Media Composer 7” tutorials, we’re ready to give your projects a professional polish with eye-catching effects. In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe demonstrates basic transitions, like dissolves and color flashes. Then, he takes effects to the next level with the 3D Warp tool. Kevin shows […]

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