Media Composer – PAINT EFFECT (How to Re-Color and Tracking)

In this video we look at how to use the Paint Effect to re-color/colorize/color-correct a portion of a video clip, and how to use motion tracking with the Paint Effect in Avid Media Composer.

We are using Avid Media Composer 8.5.1 in this video, but the process will be the same for other versions.

First, we will trace and re-color fingernails, and then track the movement of the hand so the new color stays exactly over the fingernails.

Then we will use a beach video clip and change the color of the sky while leaving the water color unchanged.

The Paint Effect, which is included with Media Composer, is a very useful tool for adding color to the whole screen or just a small portion. It’s a very creative tool that is easy and straightforward to use (at least, once you know how). This video will get you well on your way to mastering the Paint Effect in Avid Media Composer.

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