Tech Talk S6E1 Media Composer: Triumph When Troubleshooting

Presented by: Daniel Huber
Creativity is flowing, the deadline is looming, and the pressure is mounting. The last thing you want is a technical glitch to interrupt your work. Whether you’re faced with file corruption, a playback issue, or something entirely different, you need to find the root cause and fix it, fast. Let Media Composer expert Daniel Huber share his “Divide and Conquer” troubleshooting techniques and learn how to approach problems with confidence, isolate root causes, and get your edit session back on track.

Errors that you can  encounter:

Consistency Check Failure
Assertion Failed
Range specified for Dup is outside range of component
Sample Num greater than 0
Error saving composition to asset manager
Exception: MXF Mapper
Exception: Movie export from procedures FAILED!
Exception: PlayPipe::DoComp() encountered a missing mob

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