VR tools for Avid Media Composer- Blur, Sharpen, and Flicker Fixer

Download these VR plugins for Avid Media Composer here:

VR SHARPEN VR Sharpen provides the highest quality 360 video sharpening available by using state-of-the-art image algorithms to enhance image detail while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools. The core sharpening algorithm performs up to four passes on Fine, Small, Medium, and Course pixel arrays, targeting physical details that have wider and wider pixel dimensions with each stage.

VR FLICKER FIXER Pro-sumer 360 video cameras are prone to flickering when shooting with mixed lighting sources. Continuum VR Flicker Fixer can eliminate or reduce luminance flicker with one simple click, providing 3 different methods for removing flicker. Apply the Frame Analysis method on clips with uniform flickering throughout the frame – e.g. flicker that is caused by unintended shutter speed or aperture variations from frame to frame. Apply the two Temporal Smoothing methods on clips where flicker varies from pixel to pixel within the frame – e.g. a scene that is lit partly by natural light and partly by a flickering artificial light. Also, Continuum VR Flicker Fixer really shines with mixed with host masking or Mocha VR’s 360 masking tools for isolated flicker correction.

VR BLUR The VR Blur filter generates out-of-focus effects by emulating the look of shooting with soft focus or a lens diffusion filter. Designed from the ground up to operate in 360/VR with multiple edge wrap modes to process pixels that reside along the edge of the 360 seam. (Non-VR aware filters will generate a hard line across the seam and will not create a convincing look.) VR Blur includes independent controls for the amount of blur along the horizontal and vertical axis, making it easy to emulate fast camera pans. VR Blur complements Mocha VR masking tools for blurring faces and logos in 360 projects.

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