What’s New in Media Composer | Software (8.2)

Avid Customer Care How-To video series covers basic operation of your Avid software, system troubleshooting, quick tips, and much more.

Here is a nice video that shows the new features of Media Composer | Software (8.2)

Background Render: Render effects in the background while you continue to work and edit within Media Composer | Software. Use the Background Queue window to confirm progress and manage jobs.
Favorite Bins: Have one or more bins always available no matter what project you’re in.
Project Information in Select Project Dialog: Selecting a project in the list displays the project type, color space, raster size, frames per second, stereoscopic profile and more – before opening the project.
Quick Filter in Project Window: Quickly filter bins in the Project Window based on specific text
Search for Markers: Search for Marker Names and Marker Comments in the Find window across all sequences and master clips within a project, in both open and closed b
Image Cache for Thumbnails: Improved performance loading, scrolling or resizing large quantities of thumbnail images in bins and the Timeline. In addition, the Media Cache setting allows users to set the memory and disk cache size, as well as establish the location of the disk cache.
Redundant Floating License Server Support: Configure an additional Floating License Server as a backup server in case of emergency. When the primary server goes down, the editor seamlessly uses a license from the backup server and continues working – no risk of losing access to your licenses!
Enhanced Feeds Management in Application Manager: View Feeds in chronological order and choose which feeds you’d like to receive.
DMF Support for DPX Files: The AIS (Avid Image Sequencer) plugin now supports DMF workflows. Use profiles to automate the linking, consolidation, transcode and copy of DPX files in the background using DMF profiles.

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