Meet the new Avid Media Composer!

While it has been three years now, there are still many who have yet to make the jump from the old Avid Media Composer UI (2018 versions and earlier) to the “new” UI (2019.6 and later) and for perfectly valid reasons. There’s always issues with being an early adopter. Though now many post production facilities and film productions are making the leap and so here’s a video to help introduce people to the new and improved Avid and help you navigate what’s changed.

Thanks for watching everyone!

This one was done after a direct request so I hope it lives up to the request and fills all the info that you need to feel comfortable with the new Avid. Truth is, for the most part Avid’s the same. Just neater, faster and a lot more colourful (at least mine is!). If you are having trouble with anything else in Avid that isn’t covered here just let me know and I can address it or help you out directly!

Thanks again!

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