Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS) Plug-Ins and Stereo Audio – Avid Media Composer® 5 Overview

There are a number of great new features in Media Composer 5 in terms of how you work with audio.

We’ll start by looking at the new Stereo Audio feature. Now when you add an audio track to Media Composer you have the option of adding a mono track or stereo track.

We no longer have a speaker icon in each track to allow you to mute and unmute a track. Now you can actually solo or mute each individual track.

Another new audio feature is the addition of Real-Time AudioSuite plug-ins. On each audio track you can place up to five different inserts consisting of various AudioSuite plug-ins broken down into categories such as Dynamics, EQ, Reverb, etc. With real-time AudioSuite plug-ins you can analyze and adjust these effects during playback.

Watch all these features in action in this short video.

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