Avid Media Composer and macOS: What the removal of QuickTime and Title Tool mean for your workflow

Beginning with Media Composer 2023.12, import and batch reimport now use UME and no longer require linking and transcoding!

Aside from the above change to importing, information in video is current as of Avid Media Composer 2023.12

Many editors looking to make the jump to a new Mac are baffled by the fact that parts of Media Composer (creating titles, importing and exporting media) work completely differently in Avid on newer versions of macOS. This webinar aims to clarify the situation and help you to understand the limitations and strengths of Avid Media Composer on modern macOS and how to make the most of a world without QuickTime or the Avid Title Tool.

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0:12:36 Introduction
0:12:52 Overview
0:13:31 What is Quicktime?
0:15:12 A Little History of QuickTime
0:25:55 The End of 32 bit
0:37:22 Media Composer/OS compatibility
0:59:55 Linking vs. Importing
1:16:35 Importing Media (but not succeeding)
1:18:54 Dealing with alpha channels
1:24:47 Batch Reimport
1:29:27 Linking via Universal Media Engine vs. QuickTime
1:33:17 Linking backward compatibility
1:36:20 Bringing in Media Recap
1:39:19 Exporting Media
1:42:27 Bringing Over Export Setting
1:44:00 Changes to DNxHD
1:49:19 Exporting Media Recap
1:50:20 Advantages of UME
1:55:57 The Loss of Title Tool
2:02:12 Titler Plus
2:06:07 QuickTime Player Options
2:12:57 Is it worth it to upgrade your Mac?
2:27:35 Suggestions for making the switch to new macOS
2:34:54 Resources

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